Full Make-up Diploma Course

All in one IMA Make-up Courses:

• Fascinating Transformations
• Receive 3 IMA International Qualifications.
• Learn Beauty, Fashion, Theatre and TV Make-up
• Includes Hair Styling Diploma Course.
• Includes Asian & Arabic Make-up Course.
• Portfolio Building (2 Photo-shoots with Professional Models).
• Free 23 Piece Professional apron Brush-Set


Next Course Starts: 10 of January 2021  

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Modern Learning

Learn the latest techniques and trends.
Our courses are kept up to date to provide
you with a modern learning experience.

Foundation Make-up Certificate Course

• All the basic Beauty Skills
• Includes European Bridal
• IMA International Certificate
• Receive Product discounts


Next Course Starts: 10 January 2021 

East to West … Make-up is Diverse

Join our Asian and Arabic Make-up Certificate Course

• Master gradients of eye shadows
• Double eyeliner precision
• Various bases and textures
• Cultural make-up and expertise

Special Effects Make-up Course

5 days Special Effects Make-up Certificate Course.
A great introduction to Special Effects, designed forthose who are
looking to start a career in this field.

What is your Makeup Dream?

Our comprehensive package programs and classes
to prepare you to do precisely what you want to do.
(2), (4) or (8) weeks IMA Make-up Courses.

Full Make-up Diploma Course

The IMA Make-up Courses

Next Course Starts: 10 January 2021 

Modern Learning

Learn the latest techniques and trends.

Foundation Make-up Certificate Course

Next Course Starts: 10 January 2021 

Welcome to London College of Make-up in Dubai. We are a British Makeup school offering Makeup Courses and Hair Styling Lessons with International Makeup qualifications in both Certificate and Diploma level.

IMA Accredited Centers:
Amsterdam, Birmingham (UK), Dubai (UAE), Leicester (UK), London (UK), Madrid (Spain), Malaga (Spain), Mexico, Moscow (Russia), Sofia (Bulgaria), Nicosia (Cyprus)
& many

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Asian and Arabic Make-up Certificate Course ( 2 days )

Offer: Book this Course Now and SAVE 20%

20 December 2020

  • Limited Seats 45% 45%

The Full Make-up Diploma Course ( 8 weeks )
Foundation / Fashion / Photographic / Media / Special Effects & Hair Styling Diploma. (+) 2 Professional Photo-shoots. (+) Asian & Arabic Make-up Course

Offer: Book this Course before (26 of Nov 2020) and SAVE AED6,500

10 January 2021

  • Limited Seats 30% 30%

The Advanced Make-up Certificate Course ( 4 weeks )
Foundation / Asian & Arabic / Fashion / Photographic Makeup Course.
(+) Professional Photo-shoot.

Offer: Book this Course before (26 of Nov 2020) and SAVE AED3,000

10 January 2021

  • Available 50% 50%

Beauty & Bridal Make-up Certificate Course ( 12 Days )
IMA Foundation + Asian & Arabic Makeup Course.
Offer: Book this Course before (26 of Nov 2020) and SAVE AED2,000

10 January 2021

  • Available 50% 50%

10 January 2021

  • Available 50% 50%

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About Us

LCM is a British college offering Makeup courses for those who wish to start a new career in make-up artistry or to upgrade their current profession.  It is the largest, private college in UAE.


We are the first in the UAE to offer international qualifications in make-up artistry, and session hair styling. We offer the IMA qualifications from London in certificate and diploma level.


Our new premises is located in the center of Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP), specially designed to provide the best facilities for students and dedicated to learning excellence.

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