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Make-up trainer/tutor Job


Job Description:
As a part of the lecturing team you will be responsible for a number of learners in the capacity of both tutor and assessor. You are to support and guide the students at all times to ensure that the learning is fun, interesting and appropriate. You are to guide them through the assessments, providing feedback to ensure the learners develop their skills and have a clear understanding of their curriculum and what is required of them to complete their programme. You will be working within a team to help maintain the high standards of the courses in terms of both the delivery and techniques.

In order to achieve high standards all members of the Education and Training Department are required and encouraged to maintain up to date industry knowledge through further training and self-development.

Skills & Duties:
• To conduct the affairs of the school to the benefit of the pupils and community it serves.
• To teach make-up and in addition to teach basic hair styling skills.
• To follow school policy, and maintain its implementation on the make-up courses.
• To articulate and promote an agreed set of values for the school.
• Support staff in pursuing the agreed objectives of the school and the Authority and implementing all agreed policies.
• To ensure that the needs of the school community are met by the provision of an appropriate high quality curriculum by following the regular standards of the College and its education system.
• To manage, report and request the list of cosmetic and skin-care products required for make- up courses when products are out of stock.
• To assist other staff in answering course inquiries for applicants when required. Example: explain about course layouts and curriculum to assist new potential applicants in choosing the appropriate course for their needs.

Job Location:
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Employment Status:
Full time (9:00 AM – 6:00 PM) Sun-Thur.

Minimum Work Experience:
3-5 Years

UAE Residence Visa and Emirates ID, Residence Allowance, Transport Allowance, Health insurance, and more.

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